Unique Game Ideas for Stay at Home Mums

Life as a mom is a unique and demanding experience. It comes with different challenges and obstacles, the chief of which is boredom. Boredom is one of the biggest challenges facing stay at home mums. Carrying out the same routines repeatedly, without changes, new interactions, or general social exchange can wear the body down.

Wearing down, in this case, refers to mental aspects of the body. Like every part of our body, the brain needs to be exercised and maintained, to obtain maximum output or achieve maximum function. Many psychologists and psychiatrists believe that boredom can lead to depression, drug addiction, compulsive gambling, anxiety, alcoholism, eating disorders, anger, hostility, low work performance, poor social skills, etc.

There are creative ways to overcome boredom as a stay at home mum. Aside from the apparent need to go out from time to time or to improve social interactions, creating indoor activities or various home-based fun initiatives can go a long way to preventing or relieving boredom. Here are some unique game ideas to make your time at home memorable and fun.

1.  Riddles

Riddles are an engaging and unique game option for stay at home mums. All riddles are centered on problem-solving, which is an essential component of daily living. We encounter problems every day; however, they come in different types and varying levels of severity. Solution-oriented thinking is an essential attribute or quality every human requires to excel.

Riddles help to enhance solution-oriented thinking, and unconsciously trains the mind to face future challenges or obstacles. They equally contribute to the development of memory and concentration skills, improve vocabulary, communication skills, and general knowledge.

Riddles come in two primary forms, enigmas and conundrums. Examples of riddles include puzzles, crossword puzzles, word questions, etc. However, riddles do not have to be classified as one of these. A riddle is anything that requires a solution, an answer, or interpretation.

2.  Billiards or Cue Sports

Billiards are a unique gaming option for stay at home mums. Billiard games are very engaging, easy to learn, and set up. More importantly, it can be played alone or with others. Hence, even in the absence of family or friends, bored mums can play and enjoy it.

Billiard games involve using a billiard stick or pool cue to strike billiard balls, thereby making them move around a billiard table. Billiards can be placed into three categories, namely: carom billiards, snooker, and pool. They generally have similar playing patterns, albeit with minor differences.

Some popular one player billiards games include fifteen in a role, eight balls, three-ball, speed pool, target pool, sudden death, backward pool, ghost, cowboy pool, Fargo, call the shots and many more. One of the prerequisites for playing and enjoying billiards is to make sure you get the right pool cues or pool stick.

A well-designed pool cue allows players to strike a cue ball more effectively, develop technique, and execute a variety of shots. Generally, using the right pool cue improves performance and makes the game more enjoyable.

3.  Chess

Chess is one of the unique games in the world. It requires a player to think, adopt a strategy, and find ways to execute them effectively.  What makes chess unique is that every player usually has a unique playing style or pattern. The ensuing unpredictability gives a unique feel to chess.

Chess helps to improve an individual’s decision-making mechanism, develop strategic thinking, and concentration development.  It can equally be played alone, e.g., two-player computer games, A.I thinking chess boards, etc. Whether played alone or with a partner, chess is a unique game option for stay at home mums. 

4.  Matching Pairs Card Game

The matching pairs card game is a popular game choice among people from many age groups. Just like its name suggests, it involves trying to match pairs of cards. Matching pairs card games help to boost and improve the memory, along with keeping the brain fit.

Moms can equally teach their kids how to play this unique intelligence boosting game. Most times, matching pairs of card games become favorites for members of the family and friends. Online versions are now available and can be played on a variety of electronic devices.


Motherhood is, no doubt, a unique and fulfilling experience. However, for full time or stay at home mums, it can become quite dull and challenging. Developing ways to exercise and occupy the brain can help relieve boredom while boosting and improving the brain. An efficient way of achieving these goals is by adopting unique game ideas or options. Some unique game ideas are riddles, billiards, chess, matching card games, etc. These games help to make life as a stay at home, mum memorable, and enjoyable.