With an investment in a sewing machine, there is a lot you can do. It’s time to say goodbye to fashion houses for your clothes and that of your children or spouse.

 Although this requires some lessons, everything is at the palm of your hands, thanks to digital technology.

You don’t have to move out of the house to learn house to sew. Use social media to your advantage.

 Subscribe to multimedia content and get lessons to start you off. Once you know how to use your machine, the rest is a walkover.

It’s time to say goodbye to clothes stores and make your own. You never know, you may get orders from friends and family who appreciate your work.

Is that not a suitable business venture as you enjoy your time at home?

Kitchen gardening

In case you are looking for outdoor activity at home and have some space in your backyard, then it’s high time you try kitchen gardening.

Even if you have minimal space, you can opt for vertical gardens. Just as you hang your flower pots, you can do that with your vegetables.

Within months, you have a vegetable to feed your family. You can now save the cash for grocery shopping for something else.

Nature provides a fun and exciting opportunity. You can use that as an outward classroom with your children.

They can relate the theoretical principles they learn in class with practical lessons at their backyard.

Interior deco creation

What is it that you don’t like about the rooms in your house? That alone is an idea of what you can do with the time you have on your hands.

It’s time to try out interior deco designs for your bedroom kitchen, home office, or even the patio and porch. You don’t have to spend a lot on this.

Look at available materials within the home and think of the best way you can change the pillow designs, furniture, and kitchen cabinets, among others.

Your passion should be the inspiration for the best and appealing interior deco design.

Kitchen makeover

The best place most mums love is the kitchen. It is part of the house that they spend most of your time.

Stay-at-home mums can opt to have a kitchen makeover to minimize monotony by seeing the same place as it is most of the time.

Some of the things you can do to your kitchen for that complete makeover

  • Paint the walls
  • Add a wallpaper with the color theme of the kitchen
  • Change the positioning of the cabinets
  • Add or remove some furniture


Are you aware some people earn entirely from working online? Anything you can do on your computer, you can earn from it.

Stop playing computer games and earn some coins from the comfort of your home. Some of the freelance services you can do include virtual assistant, transcription, content writing, online tutoring data entry, and social media management.

Look at the gap, win the online market, and use that as a business gap and fill it.