16 Ways To Make Your Husband Attracted to You While Pregnant

It’s understandable for desire and attraction to fall by the wayside some days of your pregnancy. The saddest part of this is that feeling undesirable in yourself can directly affect your connection with your man at a time when you should be sharing the most magical bond!

We hear you – the emotional and physical toll of pregnancy can bring a lot of frustration, especially if you’ve walked a tough road to get there, but this unique babymoon period can provide an opportunity to grow closer emotionally, spiritually (and in the bedroom).

Here are 16 ways to rekindle the spark in your relationship – try these tips to make your hubby more attracted to you (and make YOU more attractive to you!)

1. Embrace Your New Figure

Baby bumps are beautiful so why not flaunt it for as long as you can? Some women try to lose weight during pregnancy but this is a big health no-no for you and your baby’s health.

It’s far healthier and sexier in your partner’s eyes if you embrace your changing body shape (confidence is a great aphrodisiac, don’t you know!).

2. Dress To Impress

Your go-to comfy jeans and sweatpants may be a godsend some of the time, especially when you’re feeling bloated and bleurgh, but it can be invigorating to throw on a flattering maternity dress or tee that accentuates your curves instead of hiding them.

3. Be Spontaneous

Show him that you’re not averse to spur-of-the-moment thinking. Suggest a last-minute date night or fun activity to do together to keep things exciting. Pregnancy shouldn’t put a stop to doing fun spontaneous things together, so let this side of you out once in a while!

4. Invite Him Out on a Date

If you can’t remember what you did for your last date night, it may be time to create a ‘date jar’ – you can fill this up with ideas you know you’ll both love like a trip to the cinema, picnic under the stars, etc and spring it on him when he’s feeling burnt out.

5. Make an Effort To Look Nice

It’s a fact that getting dressed up can totally enhance your mood – it’s called dopamine dressing, darling! – and logically when you feel uplifted, this will have a positive influence on your hubby too. So wear that outfit that makes you feel your best or pamper yourself on the regular – it’ll shine through.

6. Smell Good

Pregnancy can bring some symptoms that aren’t so pleasant on the nose (sweating, smelly gas, etc), and while this is no fault of our own, we can still try to smell our best with regular showers and a little spritz of our fav perfume.

7. Consider Your General Attitude

There’s no doubt that pregnancy can be an emotional rollercoaster, but it can be helpful to take stock of your mental state to make sure you aren’t leaning a little too much into negativity.

Hormones are powerful but they don’t have to rule how you react to things. For the sake of your and your partner’s well-being, ask yourself if you could be letting your emotions get the better of you i.e. complaining too much, overreacting, finding problems instead of solutions, etc.

8. Practice the Timeless Art of Seduction

You may be pregnant but this is no time to stop flirting! Remind yourself and your hubby that you are still a vibrant, sexual being with a few seduction techniques. This could be offering him a sensual massage or surprising him with a dance (whatever you know floats his boat!)

9. Be Affectionate

Cuddling regularly and even engaging in the slightest amount of touch like cute nose-rubbing, holding hands, or playing with his hair are all super important ways to feel connected and loved, so don’t underestimate the power of touch to keep affection alive and well in your relationship.

10. Show Off Your New Cleavage

Since becoming pregnant your breasts will have gone up a cup size or two and not only will your hubby have been the first to notice this change (besides you of course), he’ll be loving it!

Why not flaunt your ample new assets for as long as you can in flattering and super sexy low-cut tops and a comfortable yet racy lacy bra?

11. The Way to a Man’s Heart Is Through His Stomach

During the highs and lows of pregnancy there could be times when you’re partner is perhaps cooking more of the meals than usual, so one of the most romantic things you can do for your man is to cook him a romantic meal once in a while.

Try a dish you’ve both been meaning to try for the longest time or cook his favorite meal ever from scratch and put on some music, candles, and a sumptuous dessert for two – the works. He’ll appreciate the gesture and feel reminded of how much he means to you.

12. Make Sure He Understands That Sex Won’t Hurt the Baby

If it seems like your hubby’s libido has waned since pregnancy, it could in truth be an underlying worry that sex will somehow hurt the baby – this is completely false. Unless your doctor or midwife has informed you otherwise, there is no sexual position that can harm either you or the baby.

If the idea weirds him out as you progress further along in your pregnancy, let him know that penetrative sex with a penis, a sex toy, or the use of fingers cannot penetrate beyond the vagina. Neither will your baby know what is going on down there! Remind your hubby also of the amazing benefits that sex throughout pregnancy can provide for both of you.

13. Show Him That He’s Still #1

At times, being pregnant can feel like an all-encompassing all-consuming thing that no one understands beyond you and your body. The strong bond with your baby can also create a kind of maternal tunnel vision – this is all perfectly normal.

But in the life-altering maelstrom, try not to take your partner and best friend for granted. You may have the biggest role to play here, but you are still experiencing this together, so let him know he is on your mind throughout the day with cute texts and little acts of kindness (love notes in his work lunch, a back rub, etc).

14. Don’t Be Afraid To Be a Little Naughty

Pregnancy has a way of making us more cautious and safe – makes sense as we’re in a kind of protective, child-rearing mode – but don’t let the fact you are carrying life interfere with living yours to the fullest – specifically in the bedroom!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new sexual positions or spring impromptu sex on your hubby when you feel up to it, and don’t be shy about communicating your sexual needs. Showing that pregnancy has not dampened your racier, naughtier side will be irresistible to him.

15. Plan a Romantic Getaway

The old adage “a change is as good as a rest” could not apply more aptly than to a couple preparing for their baby’s arrival. If recent months have become a predictable regimen of doctors’ appointments, cravings, and watching box sets on the couch, set a date for a much-needed babymoon!

Surprise hubby with a romantic trip away for the two of you like a city break, spa retreat, or relaxing cabin stay. Spending quality time together before the madness of becoming parents can be just the tonic for your well-being, your mutual desire for each other, and your overall relationship.

16. Communicate!

Your husband isn’t a mind reader so remember to share how the pregnancy has you feeling (the good and the bad). When your significant other is likely feeling just as lost and apprehensive about becoming a parent as you are, this is no time to put a wall up.

Even in the crappiest of moods, it’s important to communicate your wants, needs, and emotions with your hubby whether this is in the bedroom or just asking how their day has been. It’ll make him feel closer to you and vice versa.


There you have it – 16 sure-fire ways to keep your hubby’s fires burning for you when you’re pregnant! We hope these tips have been helpful for you. We understand that pregnancy is never easy and that personal circumstances may make it difficult for some couples to stay connected.

Don’t forget that little, frequent efforts can go a long way in a relationship, so if you don’t have the budget for a romantic break or your libido is virtually zero, there are many other ways to keep attraction and closeness alive in your relationship from embracing spontaneity to showing affection and cooking a romantic meal.