Fun Outdoor Activities for Mothers to Engage their Kids

Playing with your kids outdoors is more than just encouraging them to engage in physical activity.

Kids who spend even the least amount of time outdoors, according to a study carried out in 2019, have a 55% lower risk of developing psychiatric problems such as mood disorders and anxiety. This is true for both adults and adolescents.


Although it isn’t easy to get your kids to engage more in physical activity outdoors, you’ve got to keep trying for the immense benefits it offers.

Outdoor activities help you and your kids to exercise and spend time together. The time spent doing mutual activities outside also improves the bond between you and the kids.

Here’re a few fun outdoor activities to consider the next time the weather outside is warm and inviting:

11 Fun Activities Moms Can Enjoy Outdoors with their Kids

  • Gardening

Let your kids learn about different flowers and plants through gardening. The outdoor activity allows your young ones to grow and care for plants, appreciating where food comes from. Teach them how to weed and when to water the plants.

They’ll love the gardening experience. Grow fruits and vegetables in your kitchen garden to get ingredients for preparing food in your own kitchen. This is also a great way to help your kids eat more fruits and veggies.

  • Baseball or water balloon T-ball

Determine your kids’ ability level to decide whether to play baseball or t-ball. Grab your t-ball set and fill the balloons with water.

Use a plastic tub or laundry basket to hold the balloons pre-filled with water. Go to a nearby park and play with the kids. You can also invite friends or neighbors to join in the fun.

  • Hula hoop race and catch

Your kids will find this simple activity fun to do. Get several hula loops to play outdoors in an open and green space. Line up the children to begin playing.

Roll the hula loops with force as you hold them vertically on the ground. Each child has to run after a hoop to catch whenever their names are called out.

Throw another hoop for the next kid each time one is brought back. Repeat the process for endless fun as you exercise to keep fit. The game is also ideal for improving your kids’ hand-eye coordination.

  • Take a chalk challenge or obstacle course

You need vision and chalk to take up this challenge.

Write gross motor movements sequentially in an array for your literate kids. Do it as you’d hop scotch.

As an example: jump like a bunny thrice, hold a tree pose on one side, jump on one foot, walk on your feet and hands, jump on the other foot as you hold a tree pose, twirl twice, and jump up, trying to reach the sky four times.

This obstacle course is fun and a great way to work out while playing with the kids.

  • Sensory scavenger hunt

Gather dandelions, wood chips, pebbles, leaves, and other items available in a park. Use tape to affix them onto paper and allow your kids to find them. This is a creative game that also boosts your kids’ memory.

  • Visit a local archery

Another great pass time activity to enjoy with your kids outdoors is archery. Find a local spot to visit with the kids whenever you’re free. You’ll find lots of archery gear such as crossbows like those at available for lots of fun.

  • “Bake” muffins and mud pies

If your kids love cooking, they’ll enjoy playing this game. Get pans, utensils and lots of imagination to make this activity memorable. Help them bake mud pies and muffins.

  • Bike riding

Bike rides are fun and healthy. Ride your bikes with the kids to the local supermarket, grocery or even library to enjoy great weather and get some vitamin D.

You can also take family biking tours to explore your neighborhood or local tourist spots. Your kids won’t just get outside the house from the norm of prolonged screen time, but also gain a sense of self-confidence and freedom.

  • Take a toy-based challenge or obstacle course

Get a toy tunnel, hula loops, pylons, cones, and anything else you’d like to include in the game. Organize the outdoor obstacle course in interesting yet challenging ways for lots of fun. Encourage each kid to take part in the activity. Consider taking turns playing the game.

  • Bubble wands using kitchen utensils

Collect various kitchen utensils such as fly swatters, slotted spoons, spatulas, etc. Use the chosen items to make bubbles from a solution of water and soap. Let the kids make bubbles from each kitchen utensil to find out which ones create the best bubbles.

  • Swimming

Is there a better way to experience some water fun than through swimming? During summer, go out for swimming in local swimming pools if you don’t have one in your backyard. You’ll get fit and healthy, atop boosting your life skill for emergencies.