Being a mom is a crucial job in itself. It consists of taking care of the child(ren), making sure they have routines and follow them, and doing chores. Some of us still combine that with regular nine to fives and have to ensure that there’s a balance to everything. That’s usually a significant source of stress for moms, and to function adequately, we need trusted stress relief measures.

Many things make parenting unpredictable, whether you’re a stay at home or a working mom. That applies especially if you still have babies or toddlers. The accumulation of stress can lead to reduced concentration and effectiveness, which eventually leads to low productivity. Also, this lousy energy could rub off on people around, especially the child/children.

Unfortunately, something like a spa day might sound like a luxury to some moms, except when they’re on vacation. However, we aim to show you several ways and home hacks that can help you reduce and relieve stress. We’re also bringing to your knowledge certain practical things that you can do that don’t take up too much of your time. We’ll discuss them below.

1.  Accommodate Help      

Seeking help doesn’t make you less capable of taking proper care of your children. Some moms wrongly believe they have to do everything themselves. It’s okay to hire a babysitter for a night or two, or a cleaner to do some chores. Also, allow family and friends to help out when they want to but without taking advantage of them.

2.  Plan Your Day

In the chaos of all that we need to get done, organizing brings a sense of order to it. Even though you might have to make plans around your children’s schedules, it helps you create time for yourself. This time can be assigned appropriately to do something else that’s productive for you or your family. However, you should also leave time for hobbies and activities you love.

3.  Engage in Hobbies

Numerous people take up specific hobbies to help them channel unwanted energy. Meanwhile, others pick up something they already love doing. Hobbies are fun things, so it must be something you enjoy doing and not just something to while away time. They could include gardening, baking, knitting, and even journaling. You have to figure out what you like.

4.  Take a Hot Bath

Taking a hot bath after a stressful day or week is one of the most relaxing things. You can do that when the kids have gone to bed. For added luxury, you could even take a bubble bath. It releases discomfort from joints, muscles, and bones; hence, relieving stress. It provides time for both physical and mental relaxation and promotes better sleep.

5.  Learn to Reward Yourself

As a mom, nobody ever commends you for a job well done. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to pay yourself on the back sometimes. Give yourself a treat like indulging in your favorite dessert or snack or reading a chapter in a book you enjoy. Find creative ways to reward yourself, depending on your preferences, but make sure you don’t overindulge.

6.  Have a Self-care or Beauty Routine

Such a routine is essential for women, and moms aren’t exceptions. Spending your day working, running errands, and taking care of kids leaves you with less time to worry about your looks. However, it would help if you made time for yourself and even take a spa day or home massage. When it comes to this routine, there is a handy list of options from which to choose.

7.  Listen to Music

They always say that music is food for the soul. With the various genres available, there’s something for everyone. Don’t deprive yourself of the soothing properties of listening to music. You can dedicate time to play your favorite songs or albums, or better still, play them while you go about doing chores during the day. It helps to improve your mood and reduce the feeling of stress.

8.  Make Time for Exercise

Most people don’t know this, but exercise is one sure way to relieve stress. That’s because of the morphine-like hormones the brain releases during it. They don’t have to include heavy workouts or muscle-building routines. However, you could engage in them if you need to. Easy exercises include yoga, going for a walk, jogging, and others to involve your children.


9.  Embrace Your Alone Time

Apart from your family’s time, it would be best if you learned to embrace taking some alone time. Not only does it give you a much-needed break, but it also helps you evaluate and discover better ways to handle specific issues. It’s easy to want to fill every spare time with chores or activities, but you shouldn’t always do that. Rest, read your favorite book, or relax.

10.  Watch Funny Videos or Comedies

You can never go wrong with laughter. Even if your sense of humor is unconventional, there are many options from which to choose. Apps like YouTube, TikTok, and various others have many short videos that can provide much needed comic relief. However, be judicious about it, as you can spend more time on them than is necessary.

11.  Get a Massage Chair

Massage chairs are essential items of furniture for moms, and using it doesn’t require much planned free time. That’s because you don’t have to book an appointment or wait for an open slot. They provide all the benefits of a regular massage with half the work and wait time. Massage increases blood flow, promotes healing, and is a sure way to relieve stress. You can check out some at

12.  Pray or Meditate

Religious and spiritual people have attested that prayer and meditation bring calmness and relief. It helps with both physical and emotional burdens. Hence, it’s like a therapy of sorts. However, meditation is not only for the religious as people widely use it even in yoga. It’s known to help focus and concentration and can be used to plan your activities without any disturbance.